Residential mailboxes come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Although it might seem like just another staple of a home, your mailbox represents more than just a way to add curb appeal. If you’ve never really given your mailbox a hard look, check it out — we’re betting that it might be a slight reflection of your personality.

The Vintage Post Mount

If you like to drink locally-roasted coffee, brew your own beer in your basement, collect vinyl records, and thrift shop, you more than likely have an old-fashioned tin post mount sitting outside of your home. This might be painted some sort of fluorescent green color, or perhaps just plain old silver, reflecting your vintage ways. Speaking of vintage, tin post mounts were some of the first original mailboxes used — but we didn’t need to tell you that. Post mounts are great for holding and sending out everyday mail, like bills and letters, but most aren’t large enough for packages.

The Practical Wall Mount

The wall mount is realistic — just like you. It’s large enough to hold a decent amount of mail, yet not overbearing. It’s simple, down to earth, and blends in nicely with your home. It’s not great for sending mail out, as many of them lock, but they do come in various colors, shapes, and sizes — so you’ll have plenty of options to complement your practical style and match your home.

The Introverted Mail Slot

Do you like to stay in on weekend nights? Work from home? Have as little connection with the outside world as possible? Then it’s likely that you have a mail slot carved right into your front door. Mail slots are convenient because your mail comes directly to your foyer. You don’t have to leave home, let alone open the door, to get your mail. Something to stay conscious of with mail slots, though, is that you’ll have no spot to put outgoing mail — which means you’ll eventually have to find a public mailbox or take a trip to the post office.

The Online Shopper’s Parcel Box

You love convenience in the form of having your items mailed directly to you, and parcel boxes are ideal for just that. If you find yourself receiving packages every other day, a parcel box might be already sitting outside of your front door — or, a beneficial investment. With a parcel box, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your packages while you’re at work, or even on vacation. These types of mailboxes are large enough to hold a few packages, and they have locks to keep your items safe.

Now that you’ve found your mailbox personality match, you can use these tips to upgrade your current mailbox to reflect your personal style, plus enhance curb appeal. Then, check out other ways to add some of your character traits in your home by reading this post: 5 Ways to Give Your Home Some Love.

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