How’s your sock drawer looking these days?

Don’t worry, we’re not trying to snoop. According to research, how you organize your sock drawer can say a lot about your personality. In fact, there are things all around your home that can serve as windows into your psychology.

Take it from an expert: “Essentially, what your home does,” says Sam Gosling, Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas, “is distill a very long history of behaviors and choices.”

And the insights behind this home psychology are fascinating.

Let’s take a tour through your home to uncover what it might really say about you.

First stop, your front lawn

Before you even walk in the front door, look at the outside of your home in all of its glory.

What style is it? The answer might reveal something about your personality:

Live in a Bungalow? – Bungalows are known for their small size and easy maintenance. So it’s no surprise homeowners who live in one tend to be carefree and easy going. They’re eager to keep expenses low and their lifestyle trouble-free.

A Cape Cod? – You’re likely a strong but warm-hearted homeowner. You like to come back to a structured home after a long day at work and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere around you.

Or maybe a Craftsman? – Your home is all about the details, and so are you. If you live in a Craftsman, you probably pay close attention to the quality of your life, and take each day with a spoonful of whimsy.

That’s just stop one. Now, it’s time to dive a little deeper. But before you reach for the doorknob, first take note of this next landmark of home psychology.

Your front door

You might already know that color communicates a message. And nowhere is it more important than your front door (AKA the entrance to your own personal space).

Here’s what the color of your front door might say about you:

Red – You’re bold, outgoing, and unafraid of saying what you think (or, if you live in Scotland, it could mean your mortgage is paid off!).

Blue – You’re calm like the summer breeze and naturally at ease in most situations.

Green – You’re distinctly and unapologetically traditional.

Black You’re consistent, conservative, and reserved – and there’s not a thing wrong with that!

Now, let’s head inside.

Wipe your feet (or don’t) before stepping in, then make your way to the living room. Resist the urge to sink yourself into the couch. Instead, take a look at what’s resting on top of it.

Your throw pillows

Throw pillows are inextricably tied to the psychology of interior design. Besides being a quick and cheap way to decorate, your throw pillows are also a reflection of your personality:

Big, bold stripes probably mean you exude confidence and don’t care what other people think.

Polka dots say that you aren’t afraid to let your fun side shine. You prefer the quirky over the average, and you let your pillows show it!

Animal prints say that you’re a creative individual at heart – and maybe a little wild, too.

Geometric prints usually mean you like things in order. If you choose these prints for your pillows, you probably have “Type A” written all over you.

We hope you didn’t get too comfortable, because it’s time to move on.

On our way to the bedroom, let’s take a quick pit stop for some grub in…

Your pantry

We’ve got some potentially troubling news.

Do you have a tub of instant coffee sitting in your pantry? Then you’re probably a procrastinator.

According to a study of over 1,000 coffee drinkers, people who keep instant coffee in their home are more likely to put off responsibilities. But on the bright side, they’re also generally easy going and take life as it comes!

Since we’re in the pantry, grab some fuel while you’re here. We’re about to hit the last stop on this home psychology tour.

Your bedroom

Your sanctuary. Your place of rest. Your unmistakable reflection of self.

These are the most telling places in your bedroom, and what they might say about you:

Your bed – Are you an ardent bed-maker? Or do you think it’s a wasted effort? Psychologists say that people who make their bed in the morning tend to exercise more often and love their job, because happy people tend to aim for a more orderly life.

Under your bed – It’s an area that’s out-of-sight and out-of-mind for many people. But if you keep the area underneath your bed spotless and tidy, you may also deal with a level of anxiety.

Your sock drawer – Remember this one? Well, it predicts how Type A you are – but probably not how you expect. One survey found that people with the most chaotic sock drawers tended to be the most orderly overall. Researchers think that it’s because organized people usually prioritize getting more important parts of their life together first. So take pride in your hot mess of a sock drawer!

No matter what your home may or may not say about you, it’s yours – chock full of benefits that even go beyond dollars and cents. Check out some of the intangible benefits that make homeownership so awesome.

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