Managing your money once meant lots of paper bills and receipts, a calculator, and setting aside a whole lot of time. However, technology, and especially smartphones, has made this process faster and easier. There are many budgeting and personal finance apps in your phone’s app store with a wide array of features. Below, we’ve sifted through the options to bring you the six best to consider for helping you get on the path to serious savings.


Millions of people across the country have signed up for Mint (and for good reason). This award-winning app tracks, manages, and budgets your money in one place. Its oh-so-beautiful interface makes understanding your financial picture nearly effortless: Everything from spending categories, upcoming bills, and even your credit score are clear and easy to access. Although only at a high level, you can also track your investment portfolio right in the tool.

Price: Free
Available on: iOS, Android, Kindle, Desktop
This app is for: The casual budgeter who wants to track spending and monitor bills. You may have some small investments, but aren’t looking for in-depth financial advice.


Keep it simple – that’s the vision behind the Mvelope budgeting app. It reimagines the tried and true “envelope” budgeting system in a convenient digital interface, allowing users to track and allocate different amounts of money toward spending categories (or, envelopes). For example, you might open an envelope for your holiday shopping, and another for saving for a down payment on a home, and regularly place a portion of your income within them. However, unlike many of the other apps, Mvelope relies heavily on self-discipline. You won’t find much explicit financial advice in this app.

Price: Free
Available on: iOS, Android, Desktop
This app is for: Knowledgeable budgeters who want a simple tool for allocating savings and spending, and who also have enough self-discipline to plan and stick to the envelope-style budgeting system.

You Need a Budget

Need a simple budget manager without the frills? Enter: YNAB. This platform offers all the features you’d expect from a budgeting app, like entering transactions in real-time, checking your account balances, and viewing all of your past transactions. But what sets YNAB apart from other personal finance apps is the requirement to have the program downloaded on your computer as a companion to the mobile app. It may sound like a burden, but it’s part of the magic behind the system. It connects you to a community of users who are dedicated to the program, helping you “gain total control of your money” together.

Price: $5 a month or $50 a year
Available on: iOS, Android, Desktop
This app is for: Someone who is new to budgeting and may have a lot of ground to cover getting his/her finances in shape. Also, people who succeed in a community-focused system will feel right at home.


Ever want a simple overview of your spending habits? With a user-friendly layout and a bright and beautiful design, this is where Spendee shines. On top of basic budgeting functionalities, Spendee allows you to organize your budgets and spending in “wallets,” which can be shared with family and friends. Wallets can come in handy especially during the holidays, when you may be spending more than average. Plus, the app also offers data exporting to Microsoft Excel and Google Drive, so you can see your financial overview in any format you want.

Price: Free for basic, $1.99/month for premium (includes unlimited budgets and wallets)
Available on: iOS, Android
This app is for: The first-time budgeter who wants to keep track of spending, but also might want to share this data with other people.


Looking for an easy way to automate your savings? Look no further. Digit is a mobile app that analyzes your spending and automatically transfers a few dollars from your checking account to a separate (and safe) Digit savings account. Also, you’ll never have to worry about running out of money, because retrieving your funds is only a text message away. You probably won’t realize the small amounts withdrawn from your account. But it really can add up to big savings, and quick!

Price: Free
Available on: iOS, Android
This app is for: Someone who has struggled to save money in the past, and who wants a convenient and nearly invisible way to put away money for a rainy day, personal shopping, or a major purchase.

It’s valuable to have these apps at your disposal both through the winter holidays and beyond. Whether you’re trying to build your savings, or just want a little extra financial security, using these tools can help you get there.

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Ditech is not a financial advisor and the material provided above is for informational purposes only. The descriptions of the apps should not be taken as an endorsement of any of the services. You should consult a financial advisor before making decisions regarding important personal finance issues.

This blog has been updated from the original published date of December 15, 2015.

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