First, consider this statistic from Nielsen: the average person spends one hour and 39 minutes each day on their smartphones, or over 25 days a year. And that’s just from consuming media!

Needless to say, we’re really attached to our phones, which is why there’s been such a surge of real estate apps created for Android and iPhone users over the last five years. To help you navigate through the dozens of available tools, we’ve highlighted five homebuying apps that could be valuable to you, plus the features that make each one unique.


On top of helping you search for your dream home, the Trulia Real Estate app serves as a neighborhood know-all, tool. This app checks all the boxes including the home’s location, lot size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, year built, square footage, and open house availability. But what makes Trulia so well-rounded are the financial tools provided, like a mortgage calculator and an affordability cost breakdown. The app will also help you find a real estate agent, because hiring an agent is still beneficial.

Looking for houses isn’t just about the house. When it comes to neighborhood insights, Trulia might be the best of the best. Its built-in GPS will give you information on the local schools, a heat map of neighborhood crime, and a bit of the local flavor. Get this: the app syncs with Yelp to show the quality of nearby restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations.

Available on: iOS, Android, Desktop
Most helpful feature: comprehensive neighborhood information.
Coolest feature: syncs with Yelp.


Homesnap might be the most fun homebuying app available, especially if you’re a fan of taking pictures. With the snap of a camera (hence the name), you get access to all you need to know about a house. You can unlock sales history, interior features, market information, school district ratings, and the good folks at Homesnap will even give you its perspective on the property’s “investment potential.” Oh, we should probably mention you can save any photos you snap and send them straight to your realtor, or anyone else. The messaging capability allows you to communicate with anyone, whether they have the app or not. It even pulls the responses that come via text or email into the message thread on your app. Say cheese!

Available on: iOS, Android, Desktop
Most helpful feature: you get property information in a snap—literally—by taking a picture.
Coolest feature: messaging your realtor, family or homebuying partner.

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There’s a reason why Zillow is one of the highest-rated homebuying apps you can get—it’s ridiculously comprehensive. For starters, Zillow has Zestimate®, a proprietary platform using algorithms to determine home values for over 100 million homes. That’s a lot. You can view homes based on price, size, school district, and more. Zillow even has exclusive listings not found anywhere else. Want an app that works for you? Zillow sends instant notifications of new listings, price drops, and when homes are sold. You’ll also get access to mortgage calculators and interest rates, as well as personalized loan quotes.

Available on: iOS, Android, Desktop
Most helpful feature: it’s one of the most popular and comprehensive apps available.
Coolest feature: more than 1 million rental and sales listings not found anywhere else.


Tied to the Redfin real estate company, Redfin’s app is a map-based interface that allows you to focus in on any neighborhood, tap on a listing, and see the specifics of the on-the-market house. Additionally, the app allows you to search for open houses, message listings to your realtor and set up various alerts. The home data comes directly from the MLS real estate listings, and is refreshed very 15-30 minutes. With the connection to Redfin Real Estate agents, you’ll also get realtor-based insights including candid comments from realtors who have toured the home. And Redfin even discounts its services with 1.5% commission, versus the typical 2%-3%.

What REALLY sets Redfin apart is its ‘Hot Homes’ feature. What would be considered a Hot Home you ask? Calculated by Redfin’s algorithm, it’s a house that has an 80% chance of accepting an offer within two weeks of going on the market. So these are homes you’ll need to see quickly, because I don’t know if you’ve heard, but it’s a seller’s market.

Available on: iOS, Android, Desktop
Most helpful feature: it’s part of a real estate company, which offers some unique insights and benefits.
Coolest feature: Hot Homes!


One of the more under-the-radar homebuying apps, Dwellr is the information hub for city and neighborhood statistics, and more. The U.S. Census-run app matches its data with your location preferences to give you a list of potential relocation towns that best fit your lifestyle—especially when you’re making a big move. Dwellr considers home value, desired schooling, and how you get to work, allowing you to explore a wide range of potential landing spots. So after you answer a number of questions about your preferences, the app displays the top 25 cities that meet your criteria.

Available on: iOS, Android
Most helpful feature: matches your preferences with locations that meet them.
Coolest feature: a list of the top 25 cities that match your preferences.

Choosing the right app for house hunting really depends on what’s most important to you in your search and how you like to get information. While most of the basic information is universally covered, as you can see, the nuances are really different. Whatever your preferences, chances are good that at least one of these resources is worthy of the download!

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