For some folks, house hunting is fun, thrilling, and has a dash of competition that can bring out their savviest side. On the other hand, there are people that avoid it like the dentist’s office. The thing that all house hunters should have in common is a plan and sharing it with their real estate agents. The more self-aware you are of your “deal breakers” and “deal withs”, the more you’ll be better prepared when it comes to all the different aspects of a prospective home.

What is a “deal breaker?”

A deal breaker is any factor about a house listing or its location that either cannot be changed or would be very expensive and probably out of your budget to renovate or alter.

Here are some examples:

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You can find these and lots of other helpful examples here.

What is a “deal with?”

A deal with is any factor about a home that you can either tolerate or that would not absolutely break the bank to change, fix, or renovate.

Here are some examples:

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Take a look at lots of other helpful examples here.

The Unreality of Reality TV House Hunting Shows

Over the last decade, the popularity of reality TV shows has skyrocketed. But don’t let the storyline, editing, or content fool you. For instance, Jeff is a part-time crossing guard and Deb has her own line of walrus-themed mailboxes and their budget is $750,000. Um, I don’t think so. Also, Jeff and Deb go and see just three listings, only to find the one that’s perfect for their needs and their budget. It’s so staged that all that’s missing is the curtain call. The truth is, your perfect home probably doesn’t exist, but it’s up to you to have the vision to see its potential.

In the meantime, get started on planning your house hunting trip with these “deal breakers” and “deal withs” here.

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