Just like your dog can be your best friend – your credit score can be your money’s best friend. Why? Because a good credit score helps your money work harder for you – by possibly lowering your interest rate. That’s why we want you to meet Buddy the Asset Hound. Buddy’s got some great advice on simple ways to improve your credit score.

Buddy the Assets Hound


Credit scores affect your ability to take on new loans - such as home loans - which is why it's important to improve your score. To do that, you need to demonstrate good credit habits, just like Buddy.

Below are just a few of the tips that Buddy offers. If you want his complete guide, you can find it here.

Open a Credit Card

Credit Card


This may sound like it shouldn’t work but it does -- as long as you consistently pay the full balance on time. That’s because credit agencies like to see you have a history of paying money you owe when you owe it. Using a credit card responsibly is a way to show them.

Keep Old Debt on Your Report

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People think all debt is bad debt, but Buddy knows better! When you can demonstrate that you have reliably paid on an account over a period of years, it can help boost your score.

Pay Your Bills on Time



One of the biggest contributing factors to your credit score is, quite simply, making on-time payments. We touched on this earlier, but it’s worth repeating. Late payments can hurt your credit score, so try setting calendar reminders or using automatic withdrawal programs to make payments on things like your mortgage, student loan, car loan, and credit cards when they’re due.

Buddy’s got other tricks that’ll make you say wow and then bow-wow. After you’ve read all his tips, it’ll be clear exactly who is a good boy.

Just click on any of Buddy’s friends below to download the PDF of all the free tips and tricks!

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