There really is no purge like a full-on spring purge. As the warmer weather peeks its head from behind the shadow of winter, now is the perfect time to account for all the stuff you have in your home. It takes work — and maybe a full weekend — but you’ll undoubtedly thank yourself afterwards.

But don’t let this deceive you. This isn’t really about spring cleaning — you should do that, too. It’s about going through all of your things and mentally AND physically putting them into these categories:


Things that still serve a function in your life or for your home. These could be items you use every day or once in a while, and things that hold a special place in your heart.


Things you can picture another person using. Designate items you can give to a second-hand store or another person.


Things that have outgrown their usefulness for you or anyone else. If there's something that's not quite trash, you could always put a “free" sign on it and leave it on the curb.

 So, let’s get to it.

Spring Purge Checklist

To download the checklist, click here.

Now that you've completed your spring purge, take a look around. Don't you feel better?

Good. Now get outside and enjoy the warm weather.

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