April is a great time of year for many reasons – the cold is gone, it’s getting warm, and the spring housing market is hot! If you’re looking to buy a home, April is a smart time to start looking. Here’s why.

The spring market is active

If you’re not in a rush to buy, April is the perfect time to start looking at houses. Because while others are rushing to buy the new homes on the market, you can take your time and look around.

That way, when the competition calms down come summer, you’ll know what you want and can make an informed purchase. And if you find a home that’s been on the market for a while, chances are its price has gone down.

The weather’s warming up

Another perk of house hunting at this time of year is the warm spring weather. Homes will look nicer with all of the fresh blooming flowers surrounding them – and you won’t have to worry about snow hiding certain features of the home. Plus, warmer weather often puts people in a better mood – meaning you may be able to get a better deal.

Moving won’t interfere with school

If you’re a parent or teacher, this one’s important. Since you’ll hopefully close by the summer, you won’t have to worry about your move while school's in session. Plus, moving after the school year means your kids won’t have to worry about switching schools in the middle of the year.

You may have some extra cash on hand

Another good reason to start looking in April is that you may have some extra money. Being that several months have passed since the holiday season, your bank account is probably rejuvenated. Plus, you may have gotten a lot back on your tax return and could use it toward your down payment.

When it comes to homebuying, April is one of the best months to see what's out there. And when you decide to buy a home, be sure to ask your Realtor these homebuying questions.


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