The slow, steady rise of paperless living

We’ve been talking about a paperless world for a while now. And although it isn’t likely we’ll ever achieve 100% paperless living, it’s closer than you think.

Paperless Travel

According to a recent national survey by IPSOS, more than 90% of consumers book travel online and only 11% check in at the ticket counter. Surprised? This trend will continue to grow, as cited by Juniper Research. Industry experts predict travellers will use 1.5 billion mobile boarding passes by 2019.

Paperless Healthcare

A study of medical errors in 2002 blamed paper-based systems for 86% of mistakes. The U.S. government now incentivizes healthcare providers to switch to electronic health records. About 80% of doctors have adopted digital patient records, and about 60% of prescriptions are electronic, according to a CDC report on physician electronic healthcare record adoption.

Paperless Business

It appears that paper has peaked. Until 2007, paper was still very much a part of office life. Now paper use has dropped 10% in less than ten years, and steadily declines by 1-2% a year.

How will making the switch to paperless billing make a difference? According to the Pay It Green Alliance, your household could save 6 pounds of paper and 23 pounds of wood every year!

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