Fall_ChecklistFall is here! Kids are back to school, leaves are changing colors, and the cool air has put the summer behind us. As both the weather and your family’s routine change, there are a few things you should do to ensure your home is ready for the new season. ditech’s got you covered with your home’s fall maintenance checklist.

Remove AC window units

The longer you keep your air conditioners in the windows, the draftier the home will become. Once removed, keep them in an accessible place, so reinstalling them is quick and easy.

Inspect gutters and downspouts

Your outdoor drainage may be in fine shape right now, but as the leaves begin to fall, buildup can occur. Examine your gutters and downspouts to assess their durability.

Give your roof a checkup

If your roof is safe to walk on, take the time to give it a lookover on a dry day for any repairs needed. Shingles, boards, and your chimney could have been damaged by summer storms, so it’s best to address them before the cold arrives.

Update and rummage through clothing

Fall is the ideal season to go through your bedroom drawers and closets. Take an afternoon and decide what to keep or part ways with. Also, swap out your summer attire for the clothing you’ll need in the colder months ahead. Plastic bins are a great purchase for this kind of chore.

Stow away outdoor items and furniture

The days of lounging outside in the warm weather are fading. Sun chairs, cushions, umbrellas, and hammocks should be stored neatly in your shed or garage to keep them in perfect condition for next year.

Freshen up your kitchen and bathroom

Search through these two rooms in particular, and determine which items are old, outdated, and need to be thrown away. While you’re at it, thoroughly clean your refrigerator and bathtub to remove mold or grime. Complement the new season by replacing towels and accessories throughout the house with warmer, fall-themed ones.

Replace storm door screens with glass windows

Switching from screens to glass on your storm doors is a wise move. Glass allows you to keep your front door open without the house becoming brisk and drafty inside, especially as the days get shorter. Seal up any cracks and holes from your doors and windows if needed.

Get your furnace inspected

Make an appointment to get your furnace professionally examined before the temperature drops. Whether you have an oil or gas heating system, an annual checkup can save you money and keep the furnace in great working condition. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Lay down grass seed and let it grow

In much of the country, early fall is the best time of year to plant grass seed because temperatures are moderate and dews are heavy. A good rule of thumb is to lay the seed by October, apply fertilizer, then water twice daily.

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