The process of buying and moving into a new home is filled with discovery: finding your ideal neighborhood, your perfect mortgage, your dream kitchen, and…a medieval well?

Homeowners around the world have encountered some bizarre and unexpected things on their properties. Typically when it comes to home buying, most unwanted surprises can be avoided by staying organized and asking the right questions. But there are some things that are impossible to anticipate. Fortunately, many of them are harmless – and delightfully weird.

Check out some of our favorite findings below. Enjoy!

A Medieval Well

Midieval_Well.jpgOne day, Colin Steer of Plymouth, England decided to investigate why his living room floor bowed under his sofa. So, he cleared the room, tore up the carpet, and started replacing floor joists.

That’s when he found it.

Steer and his wife had lived in their home for almost 25 years, unaware that a 33ft deep medieval well existed beneath their living room floor. Much to his wife’s chagrin, Steer excavated the well himself 17 feet into the ground. In the midst of the dig, he uncovered a sword believed to have belonged to a peasant from the 16th century.

The hole is safely covered by a trap door now, but the well remains a unique feature that few (if any) homeowners share. So, in the end, you could say the Steers did quite…well.

Mammoth Bones

Mammoth_Bones.jpgWhen an Iowa man and his two sons decided to go blackberry picking near a creek on their property, they never expected to unearth something of prehistoric significance.

One of the man’s sons noticed what he thought was a ball in the creek. That’s when this everyday family outing became an archaeological event. That “ball” turned out to be a femur of a mammoth dating back as far as 100,000 years ago.

At a whopping four feet, the bone is taller than your average fifth grader. Searches are still underway to uncover more remnants of this prehistoric creature, which has been extinct since the last ice age. Perhaps this rare prehistoric find will spark a future interest in archaeology for the boy who discovered it.

Cold, Hard Cash

Cold_Hard_Cash.jpgIf it’s good luck to find a heads-up penny in your new home, what does it mean when you find thousands of dollars?

Well, that’s exactly what Josh Ferrin of Utah discovered in the attic of his new home. While most people might refinance their home to make some extra cash, Ferrin’s recently purchased home turned out to be a gold mine – literally. When he brought up the discovery to his family, there was some dissent. Should they keep it? Or should they return it to its original owners?

To teach his kids the value of honesty, Ferrin chose the latter. They returned the cash totaling $45,000 back to the previous homeowners. Hopefully the good karma for Ferrin and his family will pay off!

WWII Love Letters

WWII_Love_Letters.jpgZac and Shannon Carter bought a house in Florida in the 1970s. Before moving in, they had some renovations completed. Midway through, their contractor informed them that he encountered something unexpected. Not usually good news in this situation! Fortunately, this surprise was a pleasant one.

The contractor found a stack of old letters postmarked from 1948 to 1949. The Carters couldn’t help but read them. And inside the folds of these letters, emerged a blossoming love story between a WWII veteran and his sweetheart.

After doing some research, they learned these two lovebirds eventually got married and had children. The Carters passed the letters on to the couples’ surviving children, who could read for themselves how their parents’ love blossomed. Isn’t life sweet?

A Rare Faberge Figurine

A_Rare_Faberge_Figurine.jpgMany people display porcelain figurines in their homes. Do you know how expensive one of them is? Well, when it’s one of only fifty in existence, studded with precious jewels and diamonds, AND crafted by renowned Russian jeweler Faberge, the answer is $5.2 million.

That’s right, $5.2 million!

This particular figurine was found stashed in an attic in upstate New York. Out of sight since 1934, it was originally given by Russian Czar Nicholas II to his wife in 1912. So the next time you find an old trinket hidden in your home, don’t be too quick to get rid of it!

What’s still out there waiting to be discovered? If you’re ready to begin the home buying process, first find your ditech Home Loan Specialist and call 1-800-700-9292. You might discover that the journey toward home ownership is easier than you imagined.

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