No two homeowners are exactly the same. They each have different lives, different homes, and different loans. Still, there can be similar home financing circumstances among them, especially when it comes to refinancing.

That’s why we offer SmartWatch® – a personalized report that shows you how your home loan can help you reach your refinancing (and buying) goals. Here are a few scenarios where SmartWatch® could help you as a ditech customer.

#1. “I have a big expense coming…and I need to fund it somehow.”

You’re about to send your first kid off to college. You’re ready to make a big home improvement or renovation. Your credit card debt is piling up with no end in sight.

There are dozens more scenarios just like these where a lump sum of cash could make you and your family’s lives a heck of a lot easier. And that’s the beauty of a cash-out refinancewhich allows you to turn your home equity into cash to fund these types of major expenses. Your SmartWatch® report will show you if you’re eligible for a cash-out refi and give you an estimate of how much you could pocket.

#2. “I’m tired of paying so much interest on my 30-year loan.”

Most homeowners choose a 30-year fixed loan because the low monthly payment makes sense for their financial situation at the time of purchase. Sound like you? Yeah, we had a feeling.

But maybe you’ve gotten a significant raise since then or received a major windfall, and you can increase how much you pay toward your mortgage payment. By doing so, you can shrink your interest owed and save in the long run. That’s where something like a 15-year fixed rate refinance could be your golden ticket.

#3. “I’ve had my mortgage rate for a while.”

If this sounds like you, then you could definitely learn a thing or two from your SmartWatch® report. Because it’s possible that current mortgage rates are lower than when you first bought your home and locked in a rate, making a refi to lower your monthly payment very appealing to you and your wallet.

As you can see, SmartWatch® can help with each one of these scenarios – by giving you personalized information and figures on how you can achieve your home financing goals.

To learn more about ditech’s SmartWatch®, download this guide.

Or, if you’re already a ditech Customer and are ready to see your SmartWatch® report, sign in to MyAccount.

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