Is your personal information at higher risk during the holidays?

Shopping online is easy and convenient, but there are drawbacks, including package and mail theft. Sadly, as many as 23 million Americans report packages stolen from their porch in a year.

Remember, if thieves can grab a package from your porch, they may also be able to access your mailbox. As bad as package theft is, identity theft can be much more devastating to your credit and finances.

8 ways to make your packages and documents safer this season

During this busy season, we have some tips to protect your deliveries and your mail.

  1. Lock your mailbox. Nearly 60% of Americans receive mail in an unlocked mailbox.
  2. If you’re expecting a package too large for your mailbox, request a signature for delivery. That way, you’ll need to sign for the package and the delivery service won’t leave it at your door or on your porch.
  3. Mail volume will go up about 12% this holiday season, which increases the possibility of lost or incorrectly delivered mail. If you’re expecting an important bill or document that doesn’t arrive, check with your neighbors and then report it missing to the sender and your local post office.
  4. There’s an app for that! For Apple smartphones, look for an app called Delivery Status Touch, which helps you track shipments with your phone or computer. Android smartphones have Package Buddy, which also has a useful barcode scanner.
  5. If you can’t be home during delivery hours, have your package delivered to a friend or family member who will be home to receive it.
  6. Shred documents before throwing them away. Someone willing to steal from your porch may be willing to look through your garbage or recycling bins for personal information.
  7. Pick up at the store. If you’re ordering from a store that has a physical location, you may be able to pick up your order there. Amazon has something called Amazon Locker, with physical pick-up locations around the country.
  8. Go digital. Consider online billing and automatic payment programs. This will ensure that no one can access your personal information through bills or statements in the mail.
  9. Sending gifts? Make sure they arrive on time by checking the Christmas shipping deadlines at USPS.

Why going digital is easier and more secure

Digital statements are an improvement over paper. They are:

  1. Protected by passwords you can control, such as computer, email, and MyAccount passwords.
  2. Printable as needed. Download, print, and store digital statements anytime.
  3. Accessible on demand. Out of town? You can view your statements in MyAccount.

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