It’s one thing to move within the same neighborhood and community you used to live in. But moving to a new town or maybe even a new state is a totally different story.

That’s why we’re offering these practical tips to get you acclimated in your new neck of the woods sooner than you might think. Let’s talk!

Reach out through social media

Ask friends if they know anyone who lives in your new town and see if you could be introduced. These are people you can ask for advice about shops and schools, as well as advice on doctors, dentists, veterinarians, plumbers, electricians, and lots of other services.

Remember these people might become your friends, too. You both like the same person after all! Communities often have dedicated social media pages or websites, and these are worth checking out as well.

Meet your neighbors and get involved

You’ll probably agree that meeting your neighbors is an important step to feeling welcomed on your new street. Start simple. Say “hello” to your neighbors when you see them and maybe throw a simple housewarming party (once you’ve recovered from the move!).

If you’re starting a new job, go with coworkers to lunch or out for a bite to eat after work. If you have kids, find ways to meet other parents through their schools. Have a dog? Great! You’re going to meet other dog owners when you take Fido out for a walk.

Act like a tourist in your new town

Another way to get settled is to pretend you are just visiting. Go check out the local landmarks, historical sites, or museums. Explore nearby parks, rivers, and woods. Look up your community’s events calendar and attend a concert or performance. Research the best area restaurants and eat at a couple that fit your budget. Get tickets to local professional or semi-professional sports teams and go see some games.

By doing all of these activities, you'll have more things to talk about when you meet people in your new neighborhood.

Be patient

Finally, keep in mind that getting settled will take a little time. For many people, it can take a number of months before they feel at home in their new community – and that’s totally natural.

And once you get settled in, what would be a great idea? To have your old friends come visit! Get ready for them with these 9 tips for hosting overnight guests.

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