Did you recently get notified that your previous mortgage servicer transferred your loan to ditech? If so, awesome! We’re thrilled to have you as a Customer! Chances are, you’ve got some questions about what the transfer means for you and your mortgage – and we’ve got the answers!

What does this change mean for me?

The biggest change is where you send your payments and manage your online account. Nothing about your loan terms will change. Only the people handling the payments are new. That’s us and we are delighted to do it!

How does the mortgage transfer process work?

We will work with your previous mortgage servicer to make sure we know the current status of your account – right down to the penny. We check and double-check this information to make sure it is right, and we send you statements so you can make sure it is right, too.

You’ll get plenty of notice from us about where you should send your payments and when you should start sending them. That notice will always come to you in the mail.

And you’ll handle my escrow payments too?

We sure will. Part of the transfer process is to check and double-check the details of your mortgage escrow account. That includes money for your property taxes, homeowners insurance, and private mortgage insurance (PMI) if you have it. As your mortgage servicer, we can help you set up an escrow account, too.

Can I make payments electronically?

Yes, you can. Our most popular choice is AutoPay, which lets you set up automatic payment withdrawals from your checking or savings account – and it’s totally free for ditech customers! You can also pay us by mail, over the phone, or online through a secure website.

Will the transfer be easy?

We are committed to making the mortgage transfer go as smoothly as possible. It takes a little while to upload your account information into our system and make sure it’s right. Here’s a quick look at the typical timeline:

Official Transfer Date: This is the day we become your mortgage servicer. Our welcome letter provides notice of when the transfer will be effective and where to send your payments. All payments due after the transfer date should be sent directly to us.

About 10 Days After the Transfer: Your account information should now be available online. (Just register for your secure online account to see it.) This information includes any payments you made right after the official transfer date. If you paid your previous mortgage servicer during these first days, they should forward the payment to us. In fact, as long as your payments are made on time, for the first 60 days of the transfer, we will not charge you a late fee for accidentally paying the previous company.

About 16 Days After Transfer: You should receive your first ditech billing statement.

Does ditech only do mortgage servicing?

We’re glad you asked! We offer a variety of home loans and refinancing options – as well as providing our top-notch mortgage service. We also offer tools for our customers to use that can help them better manage their home finances.

One of these tools is SmartWatch®. It’s a home financing tool that gives you personalized information and figures that show how you can refinance your current loan or use your home’s equity to help purchase your next home. Learn more about SmartWatch®

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