If you’re a ditech customer, you can pay your mortgage with AutoPay. AutoPay is free and if you’re eligible, you can set it up so ditech will automatically withdraw your mortgage payment from your bank’s checking or savings account

Why choose AutoPay?

AutoPay helps you to:

  • Save time. You’ll no longer have to write checks or mail envelopes.
  • Adjust your payment date. You can set up AutoPay to make the automatic payment on your due date or another date.
  • Avoid late fees. Since ditech will deduct your payment you don’t need to worry about mailing your payments on time.

Big Numbers

Money management has really changed. In 1965, no one had heard of an ATM machine. Now, there are over 3,000,000 machines in use. In 2003, banks processed more than 37,000,000,000 paper checks in the USA. Now, it’s less than half that.

That’s a lot of zeros, but what does it mean for ditech customers?

Faster, safer, better

These big numbers are signs of big trends for homeowners. Homeowners want greater speed, better security, and 24/7 convenience. At ditech, we have the tools to make that happen.

How to Register for AutoPay

To register, you’ll need to log in to MyAccount or create your online account. Please note that some restrictions apply and some accounts may not be eligible for AutoPay due to account status.

Get all the details! Visit the AutoPay page on ditech.com to learn about reducing principal and more!

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