Plenty of sales job opportunities in financial services

Working in a financial services industry like mortgage originations and mortgage servicing doesn’t mean all the jobs are accounting jobs. A company like Ditech Financial LLC has a strong retail sales corps. We have open retail sales jobs all around the United States for people who enjoy serving customers buy homes.

Roles in Ditech’s retail sales division include:

  • Home Loan Specialist is responsible for developing a pipeline for generating mortgage loans. Works with customers to analyze and process loan applications.
  • Retail Branch Manager is responsible for strategic initiatives and management of retail branch staff.
  • Administrative Assistants help administer state lending licenses and assist with mortgage loan applications and paperwork, among other tasks.
  • Mortgage Loan Processor manages the customer relationship from application and takes all necessary steps in accordance with internal policies and procedures to bring the transaction to a ready to close status.
  • Home Loan Specialist Assistant supports one or more Home Loan Specialists and serves as a contact point for the customer through the loan origination process.

To learn about new sales opportunities with ditech, don’t forget to set up a job alert on the Retail Sales careers site.

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