Whether you’ve just moved into your home or you plan to be there forever, you want to be sure that it’s safe from the inside out. Protecting your family against intruders, carbon monoxide, fires, and more, starts with the right home security system – which is where we can help.

In our guide on how to choose a home security system, we introduce the ditech Detective – your personal guide to burglar proofing your home. You’ll learn about the different types of security systems, along with installation options, and how technology adds convenience in controlling different features.

Here’s a glance at one of the home security system features you’ll learn about in this free download:


One of the benefits of a home security system is peace of mind. That’s why it starts with the monitoring system, so you can always check the status. You can be notified if your alarm system is set off by landline, broadband, or cellular. The monitoring station professionals will check in with you on your safety, and proceed to contact the local police, fire department, or EMS.

Deciding on the right home security system requires some research, and the ditech Detective is here to help.

Choosing a home security system download now

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