At ditech, we’re not just a company that helps you finance your home. We think being your lender is more than that. We give you information so you can pick the right mortgage option for you. That’s literally what our online tool, SmartWatch, is all about. 

Read on about SmartWatch, so your journey to smarter home financing can begin today.

What’s the gist of SmartWatch?

It’s a tool we offer whose sole purpose is to help our current customers. How? SmartWatch provides personalized answers to questions you may have about refinancing your current home or purchasing your next one, based on your mortgage. The report shows you if you can reduce your loan payment (and by how much) by refinancing, if you can save on interest, if you can get cash out, and more.  

Like we said, this report is literally all about YOU.

How does it work?

The answers and calculations in your report are based, in part, on your current ditech loan and your home’s estimated value (determined using a statistical model with third-party valuation data).

Who can access SmartWatch?

ditech Customers. This report is an online tool we offer you as a borrower to help you make an informed financing decision.

I’m a ditech Customer. How do I get it?

To see your SmartWatch report, simply visit MyAccount and click on “SmartWatch.”

Oh yeah, and SmartWatch is totally 100% free. Why should you have to pay to figure out which loan is right for you?

Get your SmartWatch report today

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