Are you about to dive into the world of homebuying or refinancing? While it may seem like a daunting undertaking, it starts with getting some education. And that’s where our eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Financing a Home, comes in.

This comprehensive guide walks you through you the homebuying and home financing process from beginning to end – and along the way defines mortgage terms and provides helpful charts and checklists to help prepare you for this exciting stage of your life.

Here’s just some of what you can expect from the eBook:

Homebuying and refinancing tips and steps

Jumping into the homebuying or refinancing process can feel overwhelming, but you’ll feel a little more at ease with tips, strategies, and knowledge of the biggest steps in each part of the process.

You’ll also learn important Dos and Don’ts, such as:

Do get your finances in shape:

A stronger credit score and budgeting skills will help you as you apply for a home loan. Once you apply for a loan, try to save at least 3 months’ worth of expenses in case of a rainy day.

Don’t assume you need a 20% down payment:

There are actually several loan options that accept as little as 3% down or, if you’re a veteran, 0% down. Some loan options even allow for less-than-perfect credit.

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Home loan options and interest rate insights

Laid out in an easy-to-read format, the eBook covers fixed rate, adjustable rate, FHA, and VA mortgage loans so that you can weigh which option is best for you.

For each loan option, you’ll gain valuable insight from these benchmarks:

  • The scoop
  • The pros
  • The cons
  • Why pick this loan

Then we’ll highlight explain how interest rates factor into the home financing process. This section will first layout important definitions you should be familiar with, and provide tips on how to get a lower rate – and ultimately keep money in your pocket.

Checklists to make life easier

  • Application checklist
  • Closing checklist
  • Homeownership responsibilities (all under one roof)
  • Moving checklist

FAQs and a complete mortgage dictionary

You’ll get answers to the most frequently asked questions homebuyers have, such as: What is escrow and how does it affect me? Will I have to pay for private mortgage insurance? What’s the difference between getting prequalified and preapproved? And many more.

Are you ready to dive in and start learning about the homebuying and home financing process?

Get your hands on the eBook now!

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