Americans are on the move again. That means lots of families – maybe even yours – are thinking about moving to a new state so they can start new jobs, live closer to extended family, or begin the next adventure in their lives.

No matter what your reason, we have the fun and informative interactive average home pricing tool you need!

With this tool, you can see home prices in all 50 states, plus the average annual temperature and rainfall. Our Relocation Station tool features a desktop version (shown on the left) and a smartphone version (shown on the right), so you can use it at home and on the go.

Relocation Station Tool

You can also compile information about different states into a table like we did here:

  Avg. Home Price Avg. Annual Temperature Avg. Annual Rainfall
Georgia $157,300 63° F 49 in.
Illinois $181,200 51° F 39 in.
New Jersey $366,300 55° F 46 in.
Oregon $325,900 53° F 39 in.
Utah $292,400 55° F 18 in.
The State Where You Want to Buy? ? ? ?

Try it for yourself. Click to visit our Relocation Station interactive tool now!

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