If you’re house hunting, you know all about the features and amenities you’ll likely want in your next home. Things like updated appliances, hardwood floors, a good school district, and a quiet street are always of interest to homebuyers. But then there are those other features you might not even consider as advantageous amenities…until you realize they are. That’s what this is all about.

So, when you walk into a new home or drive around the neighborhood and see some of the things listed below, we’ll explain why they might have a bigger positive impact on you than you might think.

1. There’s a modern HVAC system.

It can’t be overstated how great it is to walk into a home that has a new, high-performing heating and cooling system. It’s so much more than just the benefit of having a comfortable temperature. For starters, this means you likely wouldn’t have to worry about the cost of a replacement (typically between $6,000 and $12,000) for a long while. A new HVAC system also means you’d be a more energy efficient household, and likely pay less per month on your energy bill, too.

2. Storage is bountiful.

Have you ever heard a homeowner complain about having too much storage? No. Never. That’s because when you have plenty of it, you don’t even have to think about it or do some sort of Tetris maneuver to ensure certain belongings fit in certain places. But when you don’t have ample storage space, you either have to create some (which can be costly) or you have to live with unwanted clutter scattered throughout the house. Sounds like a headache to me.

When it comes to house hunting, a lot of storage is about as an underrated a feature as it gets.

3. It’s oozing with natural light.

Never underestimate the power of natural light and the effect it can have on your home and your mood. Depending on your preferences, a lack of natural light isn’t likely going to be a make-or-break type of thing — but having tons of it in spaces like your living room and kitchen are huge bonuses. First, natural light has been proven to boost vitamin D levels, improve your mental health, and more. Sun-filled rooms also mean you don’t have to reach for your light switches nearly as much, which can reduce your electricity consumption.

4. The ceilings are immaculate.

It might seem a bit strange, but a home with spotless ceilings is a huge green flag when house hunting. The ceiling is a telltale place for water or structural damage to make its presence known, and could further indicate that you have a major issue with your roof. All of this, obviously, can burn a hole in your pocket upfront or if left untreated. So, as you walk through the home, look up and inspect every room’s ceiling. If they’re immaculate, that’s a great sign that shouldn’t be overlooked.

5. There’s a whole house filtration system.

When you tour a home that has a water filtration system, don’t just gloss it over as a nice little feature. It’s a big deal! Clean water is essential to your health for drinking, cooking, and showering — and it’s an added bonus when washing your clothes. A whole house filtration system removes contaminants from your water through a filter connected to your water line. This ensures that all of your faucets are getting the cleanest water possible. And, oh yeah, they generally cost somewhere between $500 and $2,000.

6. It’s close to recreational areas.

Whether you’d like to stroll through a nearby park with the kids or go skiing with your spouse, a home that is close to green spaces like these is a major green flag. And while being able to soak up nature is great, being close to places like movie theaters, museums, and sporting events are just as beneficial. Though so much of house hunting is assessing what’s in the home, don’t forget how important it is to have fun options outside of it, too.

As you continue house hunting, it’s a smart idea to think about the right home loan for this next phase. This blog will give you all the info you need: Buying a Home? Compare Your Loan Options.

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