Take a second and visualize your kitchen. Think about the cabinets, refrigerator, and the table and countertops. Is there room for improvement to take advantage of open space and make the room’s layout more efficient? After all, the kitchen is where preparation happens. If you’ve just moved in or the existing arrangement of your kitchen needs work, follow these ditech to-dos to enhance your kitchen experience. 

1. Empty cabinets and start tossing

This is where you have to be honest with yourself. Sift through your cabinets and pantry shelves, and donate duplicate items or appliances you’ve never even touched. Throw out broken or aged items. This will free up room that just about all kitchens need.

2. Regroup smartly

At this point, just about all of the contents from your cabinets should be on your countertop and table. Now is when you want to group together similar kitchenware and appliances. Chances are, you don’t want things like your Tupperware on the same shelf as your cake mixer or your freezer bags with your measuring cups.

3. Placement is everything

Think about what you use most often. Reaching high up for things like plates and spices seems silly. The same goes for putting those holiday platters front and center. Visualize what should go where. By putting things like glassware near the refrigerator and pots and pans above the oven, you’ll save yourself the constant back and forth.


4. Use containers for storage

There is no room in a home where space is more valuable than in the kitchen. To maximize your space, use storage containers and group together loose items like baking mixes, tea bags, and even large cooking utensils. Utilize bins for such things as cleaning supplies, cookbooks, and pet food. 


5. Clear the counter

When it comes to cooking and baking, the counter is your workspace, so don’t let unnecessary things pile up. How often do we put our bags, keys, and used kitchenware on them just because? A lot, right? Kick that habit and figure out which appliances make the most sense to go where on your counters.

6. Get creative with space

This step is especially important if you have a small kitchen or limited cabinet space. If space is still hard to come by, channel your inner DIY-self. Put hooks underneath cabinets to hold coffee mugs or inside cabinet doors for things like oven mitts and measuring cups. Another idea is to mount a pot rack.

7. Sort through papers

Despite what it may look like, your kitchen table is not your family’s desk. Between mail, homework, newspapers and takeout menus, paper can accumulate quickly on your tables and countertops. Arrange these things accordingly. Hang menus and coupons on the refrigerator; designate a tray for your mail and publications; and consider a separate area for your kid’s books and projects. To consolidate everything, consider a paper-sorting tray. As always, recycle your paper products once you’re done with them.

Tackle_the_Refrigerator8. Tackle the refrigerator

Finally, once all that is said and done, it’s time to focus on the fridge. First, remove everything from inside, and check the expiration dates. What can stay and what should have been thrown out three months ago? Give the inside a thorough cleaning, from the shelves to even the fridge’s exterior. Then, reorganize with a purpose. Keep food groups together and put the items you’ll use most often in easy-to-reach places. This clears the clutter and makes the entire kitchen experience much more hassle-free for you.

Reorganizing the kitchen requires some time and energy on your part, but these ditech to-dos will save you a great deal of both for years to come.

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