When a customer talks, Brandon Rosenthal listens. A ditech Home Loan Specialist, he excels at helping customers understand the ins-and-outs of obtaining or refinancing a mortgage. But recently when he took a call from a prospective customer named Alice Grady, he knew he was dealing with someone special.

"Alice was shopping around," he said. “She told me; I'm in the business, so I know what I'm doing.” As a fellow mortgage professional, Alice had done her research, but Brandon described how she still insisted that he walk her through every option ditech offered.

"She clearly wanted to refinance," he said, "because she's doing all this comparison work. She just wanted to do business with somebody that she could trust. During the conversation we reviewed competitors’ loan estimates as well and I was able to offer a lower fee structure which convinced her she was making the right choices with the right company."

After a forty-five minute phone call, she was satisfied that ditech and Brandon were the team she needed to handle her mortgage needs, and she went ahead with the application.

A recent graduate of ditech’s Home Loan Specialist Academy, Brandon has distinguished himself at ditech by winning customers' trust, and guiding them through a process that can often seem daunting. A born problem-solver, he knows that the best mortgage advisors are the ones who listen to their customers, and help them figure out what's best for them—a skill he's been perfecting ever since he graduated from college, and went into sales.

After graduating from Villanova with a master's in finance, Brandon's first job was selling cable television subscriptions for a major industry provider going door-to-door. “It was tough work, and it taught me a lot about how to connect with people—and how to stay positive,” he said.

The most important lesson he learned in that job? "Nobody ever says, 'Guess what I just got sold!' They say, 'Guess what I just bought!'” The buying experience, according to Brandon, is just as important as the actual purchase.

When he was offered the Home Loan Specialist position with ditech, Brandon leapt at the chance. He became a student of ditech’s Home Loan Specialist Academy, an intensive 10 week course offered by ditech to selected candidates at no charge. It is designed to educate would-be Home Loan Specialists on the different kinds of mortgage products ditech offers, the processes and regulations involved in obtaining a mortgage, on how to deliver a positive customer experience and on the changes the industry has undergone since the financial crisis of 2008.

All of ditech’s HLS Academy students are taught in a classroom setting which evolves into intense scenario training and then, when they start answering customer calls, they have side by side manager support where they receive varying levels of guidance and oversite for another 6 to 9 months. Of course they are also thoroughly schooled in all state and federal regulations and must take and pass the licensing exams.

The students trained in the Academy have been remarkably successful, and ditech is looking for ways to expand the program. Brandon said; “It’s a lot of work but the best part is the camaraderie. We study together, we learn about mortgages together, we pass the exams together, we share and support each other, and we even get dinner together. It really makes it fun to go to work."

In addition to using all he learned at the Academy, Brandon also attributes his success to being able to listen and put himself in his customer’s shoes. "I don't know about you, but if I don’t trust the person I'm dealing with, I'm not going to do business with them. A mortgage is the biggest financial transaction that most people go through. I want my customers to be confident and comfortable working through the mortgage process with me. You have to make people comfortable.”

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