Come on, who doesn’t love a good-natured prank? With April Fool’s Day here, it’s the perfect excuse to get a little mischievous, particularly around the house, and create some memorable laughs with your family, too. Try one (or all!) of these this year, and we’ll bet your family members wished they’d thought of them first.

1. Surprise, we’re moving!

“Guess what kids? We’re moving…to Alaska!”

Imagining the look on your kids’ faces is enough to make pulling off this prank worth it. And all you need to do is stick a for sale sign in the ground. And then quickly take it out so no interested homebuyers come knocking for a walk-through!

2. Spray Nozzle Attack

This is a classic, and the success rate is pretty much 100%. All you need to do is wrap a rubber band around your kitchen sprayer and walk away. The next person to use the turn on the faucet is going to get a surprise in the form of water right in the face or stomach from the sprayer, and they’ll be thrilled about it! (Note: they will not be thrilled about it).

3. Cold (really cold) cereal

Most kids can’t wait to dig into their cereal first thing in the morning, but what if they literally can’t? Fix up a bowl with milk for your little ones the night before and let it sit in the freezer until the morning. The “hardest part” will be holding in your smile as you watch them clank their spoons against the solid milk.

Hopefully, your microwave has the “defrost” button!

4. Don’t cry over green milk

Blog_April Fools_Intext_1.jpg

Food dye was made for April Fool’s Day. Not really, but it’s a great go-to for a little trick. Whether it’s for a midnight glass of milk or to pair with cookies in the afternoon, the reaction to opening the refrigerator to see a gallon of green milk is priceless.

5. A bad TV signal

All you need is a piece of clear tape over your TV remote’s censor to create a huge pain in the neck for all of your family members! We advise you should probably reveal the prank once someone in the house threatens to call the cable company to complain.

6. Bizarro Chore Chart

Blog_April Fools_Intext_2.jpg

For families, a chore chart is an essential organizational tool for getting housework done. But on April Fool’s Day, a chore chart is for messing with every member of your household. We suggest some of the to-dos above, and see how far your family gets!

7. Wardrobe shuffle

Rearranging clothing drawers creates a surefire “What the…?!” moment, especially when the victim is the earliest riser in your home. That pre-coffee, early morning confusion will be very worth it.

8. Text Message Mix-up

Blog_April Fools_Intext_3.jpg

Autocorrect is an awesome tool on your smartphone, until your friend or family member hijacks it without your knowledge. Want to be the mischievous one? When they’re not looking, grab their phone and go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement and then you literally have the keys to make any word they type a “shortcut” for another. You can turn “Okay” to “Huh?”, “Sure” to “Who is this?” or if you want to get real mean, “Hey” to “Shut up!”

Your friend or family member will be thrown for a loop, but picture the person on the other end of the phone!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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