Did you know that people have been writing checks since the 9th century? That’s a long time—and a lot of ink! Today’s homeowners have more ways to make payments than ever in history. Let’s go over the options at ditech.

  • AutoPay is a popular payment method. Your payment withdraws securely and regularly from your checking or savings account. It’s easy and free—once you’ve enrolled, the AutoPay process takes care of your timely loan payment.
  • Instant electronic payments can be made on the fly. To make an e-payment at ditech, login to MyAccount and follow the payment process to make a one-time payment. It’s free online, but there is an agent-assistance fee to use this method over the phone with a customer service representative.
  • Wire transfer is another historical way to pay. People have wired money since 1872. It’s a secure payment method, but it’s not free. MoneyGram® and Western Union will both accept cash at their locations to wire payments to ditech.

If it seems like you’ve been writing checks for ages, maybe it’s time to try something new. Learn more about all the ways to pay on ditech.com.

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