Here’s a crazy idea – skip the traffic and crowded beaches this summer and throw a 4th of July party in your own backyard. Just picture the neighborhood kids running themselves silly, while you and the other parents relax on the deck with cool drinks and a hot grill. Here are some games and fourth of July party ideas to make this feel like a special day and one to remember.

Capture the Flag

A true classic of American backyards. This game is believed to have roots in the battlefields of the American Revolution and the Civil War. Back then, soldiers marked the progression of a battle when one side replaced or captured their enemy’s flag. Even though this comes from a turbulent time in our nation’s history, it has been played in backyards for the past century. All you need is about 10 players and 2 flags. Find the rest of the rules here.

Water balloon dodgeball

It’s the middle of summer. The mercury is close to the highest it will be all year. Make sure that you have lawn games to cool down your guests. While everyone loves a water balloon fight, you could add a little creative touch and organize water balloon dodgeball. You’ll need at least 8 players and about 50 red, white, and blue water balloons. Split into two teams and if someone gets hit, they are out. Start the barrage, last team standing wins. Play like a champion today.

Burr and Ham – A Drenching Duel

Show the kids that history can be fun though a water gun duel. Over 200 years ago, Aaron Burr challenged Alexander Hamilton to a duel over something stupid that didn’t really warrant Ham getting shot. (He died of his injuries soon after.) To start the 2 person duel, grab a couple of water guns or foam darts, stand back-to-back, walk 10 paces, turn, and fire. It’s an exciting, fun, and educational activity surrounding an event from the earliest years of America.

Flashlight Tag

If your party carries on into the evening, flashlight tag is a great way to entertain the kids while they burn off a little energy before it’s time to turn in. Flashlight tag is almost exactly like a regular game of tag, but it’s played in the dark. The person who is “it” has the flashlight and counts to 30 while everyone hides. The goal is to find someone, call their name, and they are out. Add a little 4th of July flair by dressing up as your favorite Americans from our storied past.

If these 4th of July party ideas sound like a blast but you’re not sure if your backyard can be ready in time, read these 8 tips and get ready for the summer of the century.

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