Each year before tax season, ditech sends out Mortgage Interest Statements also known as IRS Form 1098 to homeowners for the mortgage loans we service. You should have received a 1098 if you paid over $600 in interest in 2015 or if we refunded $600 or more to you from interest overpayments during the year.

If you’re still expecting a 1098, or if you think you’ve misplaced the one we sent you, or if you simply aren’t sure, here’s an easy way to find out. You can check online and get an electronic version by logging in to MyAccount at ditech.com/MyAccount.

MyAccount is a secure site where you can make payments, review past billing or escrow statements, update your contact information, and access your 1098, of course. It is easy to use. To view and download your statement or 1098 once you’ve logged in, click on Statements or 1098s in the Quick Links near the bottom of the page. Then print or save to your computer.

If you’re new to MyAccount, you can watch a short, informative video about how it works at ditech.com/MyAccount. Then register and login to manage your account online!

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