Ah, the end of summer - best time of the year! I know what you’re thinking if you’re a parent; it’s because the kids are going back to school, right?


It’s the start of football season! Now, I’m not here to profess my allegiance and go on and on about the devotion I have for my favorite team. Buuut, let’s just say I bleed green and white from the end of July to the end of the season (us Philly faithful are nicer than they say, I promise!).

It's also time to start game-planning to make sure game days are free of any household or family-related responsibilities. At least once 1 p.m. rolls around. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m a great father and husband. Scout’s honor.

I make sure I pull my weight around the house and get all of my most important fall maintenance tasks done early in the season, so that for the rest of my fall Sundays, I’m good to go. Remember…happy wife, happy life.

So why do I love the season so much? For me, it’s all about the setting.

Creating my football oasis

To be honest with you, it’s not just the football games I’m fully immersed in, but also the sacred place where I retreat to watch the game. My personal oasis, and what every sports-obsessed homeowner dreams of having. A man cave!  

One of the coolest things I’ve realized since we bought our house is how your home reflects your personality. If you were to step foot into the cave once the leaves start changing, one thing is very clear—I love my football. Sometimes, I don’t know what’s worse: my golf obsession or the relic collection in the cave. I’ve got frayed posters from my childhood favorite players, autographed jerseys, division and conference championship pennants (still waiting to hang that Super Bowl one!).

It’s funny—you’d be amazed at just how many neighborhood friends you magically get once they realize you have a man cave. They were lining up at the door! But I love to host, so it brings with it a sense of community that I didn’t even see coming. 

The dream of getting this football oasis became a reality two years ago when my lovely wife granted me 900 square feet of prime real estate in the corner of our partially finished basement. I could do whatever renovations I wanted, because it was all mine. And let me tell you, that feeling never fades.

Why I have homeownership to thank

There are plenty of homeownership benefits you don’t often think of when you’re renting. Another one to add to the list? Having the freedom of re-mounting an 85-inch flat-screen multiple times for the optimal eye angle for watching football on TV.

I remember the first townhouse we rented prior to getting married and asking the owner if I could do some painting and add a little AstroTurf as carpeting. He looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. I thought I was doing him a favor. I mean, who wouldn’t want midnight green walls with a giant bird decal on the ceiling of their basement?! I know who: Cowboys fans.

Anyway, this conversation, in a lot of ways, led to the beginning of the homebuying conversation with my then fiancé. We realized we wanted a place of our own, where we didn’t have to answer to anyone.

We closed on our house the following August. Just in time for the best time of the year, like I was saying.  

But maybe football just isn’t your thing. There are still so many other ways to soak up the fall season. Pick a few and enjoy!

Oh yeah, and go Eagles!

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