Memorial Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time for barbeques, luaus, and all-around outdoor fun. However, this might first require some backyard maintenance.

First, take a look at your backyard. After a long winter, we’re betting it might need a bit of sprucing up. Check out these super simple DIY tips that will make your outdoor space feel so new, you’ll be planning your next summer grilling extravaganza in no time.

1. Freshen Up the Lawn

Your lawn has suffered through the harsh winter right with you, so it needs some TLC to show its best side this summer. But you certainly don’t need to hire a landscaper to give your lawn a facelift. Mowing, pulling weeds, and fertilizing regularly are just a few ways you can have a lush lawn all summer long.

2. Power Wash Your Patio

Cleaning up your patio or deck can make a world of difference when sprucing up your backyard area. Start by sweeping it off, and then power spraying the remaining dirt and debris. Or, if you don’t have a patio or deck, simply power washing your driveway will brighten up the area. The best part is, renting a power washer from your local hardware store can cost as little as $35 per day.

3. Sprinkle in Some Color

A planter box with flowers can add in pops of color to bring a fun, yet elegant, look to your backyard. Plus, you can change up the look of your backyard just by planting seasonal varieties, like marigolds in the summer or chrysanthemums in the fall.

4. Upgrade Your Furniture

Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve purchased a new outdoor furniture set, or maybe your current set just needs a facelift. You can create a brand-new look by simply cleaning off your existing set and replacing your outdated or worn cushions with new ones. We suggest stopping by your local thrift store or flea market to check out lightly used sets at a fraction of the original cost.

5. Dust off the Barbeque

Your barbeque most likely hasn’t gotten any love over the winter months, so you’ll want to give it a good scrub at the beginning of the summer season. This won’t take long to do, and you’ll be excited to get grilling on your like-new BBQ.

6. Get a Fire Pit

Adding a firepit to your backyard can not only upgrade the look of your outdoor space, but will be the center point for your social gatherings. You can make this a fun family project by digging your own or purchasing one from your local hardware store.

7. Add Sparkle with Solar Lights

Solar lights are a great way to brighten up your backyard. Not to mention, they won’t increase your electric bill. Wrap them around your deck or even line them up the driveway for a sparkly entrance.

8. Prevent Pests with Stylish Décor

Everyone wants to be outside in the summer – including pesky mosquitoes. Adding some citronella candles or tabletop torches to your décor is an easy, stylish way to ward off these uninvited guests.

Once your backyard is summer-ready, you’ll be able to schedule other fun ideas, such as creating your own “staycation” and optimizing your summer fun.

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