Buying a new home usually means moving to a new neighborhood. And just like you love your new house, you want to get along with your neighbors, too. Here are 7 simple ways to start off on the right foot – and maybe even make some new friends!

1. Begin on Moving Day

How you move into your new home is the first impression you make. Your moving truck is going to cause some disruption. Try your best to keep it to a minimum and be considerate. A simple, yet effective way to do this is to clean up after the move and dispose of boxes as neatly as possible.

Moving days are busy, but take a moment to introduce yourself to those around you.

2. Keep the Volume Down and Your Property Spiffy

You might not want your neighbors to hear you before they meet you. Avoid loud late-night parties, music, and conversations. Don’t cut the lawn or start home improvements bright and early on Saturday morning – or even worse, in the wee hours of the evening.

Another thing to consider is that your neighbors first impression of you might be on the house. Keep the outside neat and trim. Planting new flowers around your front door shows you care about the neighborhood. If you’ve got young kids with toys and bikes, pick them up from your lawn and sidewalk. This is especially a good idea when you’re brand new to the street.

3. Say Hello!

The best way to meet your new neighbors is to simply say “hello” when you see them. Some people love doing this. If you are a little shy, keep in mind other people may be shy, too. Say hello first and you’ll be amazed by how many people say hello back. And be just as friendly when someone greets you.

Try to remember names because it shows you value them. Make notes if you have to. And don’t be afraid to admit you’ve forgotten someone’s name – it happens!

4. If You Have Kids or Dogs, Have Them Meet Others

People with pets and children tend to meet neighbors with pets and children. That’s because you end up in the same places at the same times. Plus, you have things in common to talk about. These exchanges are great ways to learn more about the community, too. So head over to the nearest park with your furry one(s) and/or little one(s) and watch how quickly you’ll spark a conversation with someone.

5. Throw a Housewarming Party or Organize a Block Party

Having a party is a generous gesture that brings the whole street together. Your party doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Inviting people over to watch a game is one way to do it.

Parties are important when your new neighborhood is spread out. When houses are close together, you often meet your neighbors just by coming and going. In communities where the lots are big or where you drive everywhere, you don’t get as many of these chances. If this is you, having a get-together makes a huge difference.

6. Get Involved in the Community

Another good way to meet neighbors is to join a local church, temple, or mosque. Faith communities love to welcome new people and they are places you can find help and support when you are new in town.

If that’s not your thing, try volunteering at the local library or school. Pick a cause and find people in your new neighborhood that care about it. Other ideas to consider are joining a community garden, trying out for an adult softball team, or signing up for a yoga class. Many areas even use social media, such as Facebook, to list events and gatherings in their local community.

7. Greet the Next New Neighbors

Before you know it, the people down the street will be the new family that just moved in. Knock on their door and introduce yourself. Bring them a plate of cookies or a welcome gift. Being a good neighbor doesn’t stop once you are settled!

When you are moving into your new house, meeting neighbors is just one item on your to-do list. Take a look at our first home move-in day advice as well as our tips for babyproofing your new space.

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