Communication goes both ways--and sometimes it piles up on the counter. Get rid of the clutter on your desk and on your screen this year, whether you’re still receiving paper statements or have gone digital.

3 tips for organizing paper statements

1. Consider going paperless. Experts say that electronic statements are safer than mailed statements. They also arrive faster and take up much less space on your desk! Learn about Ditech’s online billing option. Cost: $0.00

2. Make room. No one likes filing in an overstuffed container. Find a high quality file cabinet for less at used office furniture outlets. Cost: $25-100 shredded paper

3. Schedule to shred. Never throw out statements or documents with your personal information; ALWAYS shred with a crosscut shredder. Cost: $25-150

3 tips for organizing electronic statements

1. Search and sort easily. Name files like this: 20170131-Ditech (YEARMONTHDAY-Company). Files will always be in date order. COST: $0.00

2. Plan ahead. Do your loved ones know how to access important computer files if something happened to you? Start researching your options for your digital estate. COST: $0.00-?google drive logo 

3. Back that up. Protect files and documents with regular backups. Google Drive is one well-known and low-cost online file storage option. COST: $0.00 for first 15 GB of storage

1 tip for everyone

1. Automatic payments are the clutter-free way to pay. AutoPay is free for Ditech customers. Enroll today instead of writing checks and buying stamps. COST: $0.00

Learn More About Autopay

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