Automatic payment programs like ditech’s AutoPay have been around since the early 1970s, but not everyone is on board yet. If you don’t have a bank account—or if your income is very irregular—it may not be the ideal bill paying system for you. For almost everyone else, AutoPay (sometimes called ACH) can offer at least 6 great benefits.

1. Reduced risk

A paper bill sitting in your mailbox puts you at risk for identity theft. Experts consider electronic payments more secure than paper payments. Learn more.

2. Lower costs

Three things aren’t free—checks, stamps and your time. One thing that is—AutoPay. Why spend more money for less convenience?

3. Stay on time

Late payments can impact your credit score (and late fees aren’t fun either). AutoPay enables effortless and timely payments.

4. Greener footprint

 A lot of resources and energy go into the paper production, printing, handling, transportation, and delivery of your bill. AutoPay is greener. 

5. Peace of mind

Realizing you’ve missed a payment is a great way to ruin a vacation. Add ‘stress’ to the list of things you won’t miss by going automatic.

6. Pay down your principal

It’s easier to pay extra toward your principal or escrow if you don’t have to think about it each month. Just set it up in AutoPay.

7. Protected by federal law

Ditech customers can stop AutoPay at any time by sending in a signed cancellation request. Visit our Contact Us page to see how.

For ditech customers, AutoPay is just one way they have to manage their mortgage online. Learn about more digital tools from ditech.

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