If you have a spouse or a partner, you might think Valentine’s Day is just a marketing ploy for you to spend money. Why does there have to be a specific day to show someone how much I love them? And for those who are alone, it gets old having to hear about seemingly every couple’s romantic dinner plans for the holiday.

So if you fall into one of these categories, or even if you love Valentine’s Day, this blog is for you.

For a few minutes, forget the lovey-dovey cards and flowers – and let’s focus on how you can say “I love you” to your home this holiday.

1. Create a cozy nook

Dedicating an area in a living space or your bedroom for you to unwind is a great, easy home upgrade you can give your home. This can mean adding a comfy reading chair to the corner of a room, sprucing up a sunny windowsill, or creating a pillow seating area. Not only will this idea add life to a room – but you’ll love it, too.

2. Give it a deep winter clean

Why wait until the springtime? Bring out the all-purpose cleaner and dust cloths, and focus solely on the inside of your home. But don’t just do a regular, run-of-the-vacuum clean. Emphasize areas you’d never think to touch – like dusting the baseboards and ceiling fans, giving your blinds a deep clean, and wiping down the inside and outside of kitchen cabinets.

3. Accept its imperfections

The sooner you get over the little blemishes in your home, the better you’ll both be together. This blog is about showing love, after all. So does your house have poor cell phone reception? Is your furnace noisier than you’d like to admit? Do you have subpar water pressure? Learn to forgive and find the silver linings in these shortcomings.

4. Fill it with friends

A great way to give your home some new life is to literally fill it with life. And in the dead of winter, it’s the perfect time to warm up with friends in your home. Host a potluck dinner or invite your movie buff friends over to watch the Oscars (which airs on Sunday, February 24). Any excuse to make new memories with those closest to you is a good excuse.

5. Make a major home upgrade

The above ideas are great little touches for your home, but what if there’s something a little more significant and of a higher priority that needs attention? Consider these home upgrades:

  • Kitchen or bathroom remodel
  • Basement renovation
  • Roof replacement
  • HVAC upgrades
  • Bedroom addition

If your home could use one of these upgrades, it might not be as costly an expense as you think. You can give it the Valentine’s Day love it deserves with help from a cash-out refinance.

To learn about how you and your home could benefit from a cash-out refi, give this a read – Understanding a Cash-Out Refi: The Prep Work, Process, and Payoff.

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