Houseplants make fantastic home decorations because they are inexpensive and can add so much life and color to a room. You might not know that house plants can make your house healthier and happier in all sorts of ways, too – and are easier to take care of than you think! It’s time to learn about just some of the many benefits of houseplants.

Plants give us oxygen.

Plants are like our friends, because plants use sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to make food and give off oxygen while doing so. (Yep, that’s “photosynthesis!”) People breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, so houseplants give us more of the fresh air we crave.

Now things do get a little different at night. When the sun goes down, many plants stop making food and start giving off carbon dioxide. That’s why experts recommend choosing plants like succulents and snake plants for bedrooms. These plants actually give off oxygen at night and can help us sleep better.

They give us clean air, too.

Houseplants give “good” air and help get rid of “bad” air, too. That’s because many plants can absorb toxins like benzene, according to NASA research. Plants that are good at cleaning the air include English ivy, bamboo palms, and spider plants.

Plants also balance the humidity of our homes by releasing water. During the summer months, this may not be what we want. But during the winter, plants help keep the air in our homes from getting too dry – which is associated with flaky skin, scratchy throats, dry coughs, and colds.

Less stress, better moods, and sharper minds.

Houseplants have a way of making us feel better just by just being there. There is something soothing about looking at the colors and how it sits in a given room. The good news is that these feelings are more than just feelings. Lots of studies say there are real benefits to houseplants that make a real difference in our lives. Some have found that indoor plants can lower stress and brighten moods. They can also help improve memory, focus, and productiveness – which is a big deal before the start of or at the end of a busy day.

Some medical research associates being surrounded by plants with lower blood pressure and less feelings of pain and worry. So houseplants, just like sitting in a garden or walking in the woods, are good for self-care.

Plus, they aren’t that hard to grow either.

When it comes to growing plants, do you feel you’re all thumbs and none of them are green? Not to worry! We’ve got you covered. There are a few simple tricks to make sure you enjoy the benefits of your houseplants.

  • First, choose types of plants that are hard to kill. Delicate rare orchids may look beautiful, but they are more work than most people care for. If you have a growing family, you'll also want to choose plants that are safe for children and pets.
  • Second, match your plants to your light. Most plants come with a tag that says if they like full sun, partial sun, or lots of shade. Figure out where you want to grow plants around your house and choose ones that will be happy where you put them.
  • Third, don’t overwater. Most plants like it if you let their soil dry out a bit. Stick your finger in the dirt and if it’s dry to about an inch down, then it’s probably time to water your plants. Make sure your pots have holes at the bottom so excess water can drain out, which helps prevent root rot.

Having houseplants is one way to appreciate your home. Want some more inspiration? Here are 8 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Your Home!

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