Automatic payment programs like ditech’s AutoPay have been around since the early 1970s. Did you know that human beings make about 20 billion automatic payment transactions a year? We even made a video about it.

At ditech, nearly 400,000 ditech Customers use AutoPay to pay their loan. Here are 10 benefits they enjoy as AutoPay customers:

1. Safer payments. Experts consider paper checks less safe than electronic payments. Paper checks are easier to lose, easier to steal, and easier to misread.

2. Lower costs. Three things that aren’t free—checks, stamps and your time. One thing that is—AutoPay. Why spend more money for less convenience?

3. Reduced chance of late fees. AutoPay means your payments are effortless AND on time. No worries!

4. Speed. AutoPay payments post to your account much faster than a mailed paper check. That makes it easier to manage your finances with precision.

5. Paying more to pay off faster. If you want to pay extra toward your principal or escrow, AutoPay makes it easy. Just set it up in AutoPay and get a little closer to payoff each month!

6. Less risk. If you’re writing and mailing checks, you’re probably receiving statements by mail. A paper bill sitting in your mailbox puts you at risk for identity theft. Why not protect your statements and sign up for Online Billing, too?

7. Peace of mind. Whether you’re enjoying summer vacation or getting ready for school to start again, you have enough on your mind. With AutoPay, it’s one less thing to worry about. 

8. Go green. A lot of resources and energy go into the paper production, printing, handling, transportation, mail, and delivery of your paper check. AutoPay is greener and more efficient.

9. Easy sign-up. It takes fewer than 5 minutes to enroll online in MyAccount.

10. Protected by law. You can stop AutoPay payments at any time by sending in a signed cancellation request.

Surprise—there’s a bonus benefit! AutoPay is absolutely free!

AutoPay is one of several ways to manage your account online. Learn about digital tools from ditech.

Ditech’s AutoPay program has been serving Customers like you with safe, timely, and fee-free payment services for years. 

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