You’ve been in the market for a new home for the past three months. You’ve viewed more than 20 houses, but nothing feels like “home.” A few haven’t met your needs in terms of style or space. Some have been out of your price range. Maybe you’ve already put yours up for sale and few buyers have expressed interest. Perhaps your real estate agent just isn’t the right fit. Below are ten signs to help you determine if you should part ways with your agent.

They choose quantity over quality. Your agent wants to show you everything on the market, and very few of them fit your criteria. A good agent will listen to you, understand your needs and show you only what you want to see.

They’re always late. Whether you’re meeting at the house you’re selling or the one you’re touring, a prompt agent demonstrates commitment. Lateness often causes unpreparedness, which means your agent won’t be able to quickly and clearly explain the rationale behind their choices for you. If tardiness becomes a habit, take action.

They’re unreachable. You sent your agent an email, gave them a call and left them a voicemail. It’s been a couple days and you still haven’t heard back from them. Acting fast is critical to finding the right home, so find a reliable agent who will drop what they’re doing for you.

They aren’t tech savvy. If your current agent is not using online marketing tactics to put yourself in the best position to buy or sell, then chances are you’re missing out on great opportunities. Plus, you want an agent who can be reached by phone, text, email or even through Facebook, if necessary. Find someone who stays connected.

They’re too pushy. Buying or selling a home is not just a huge financial commitment, but one of the biggest decisions of your life. A real estate agent who becomes pushy with you typically has their best interest in mind. Not yours.

They’re too passive. One of the most important qualities in an agent is leadership. Since they’re the expert, you should expect nothing less than sharp direction and candid advice to find the perfect home for you.

They’re impolite. In most cases, your real estate agent will be the first impression to visitors coming to view the home you’re selling. If they aren’t welcoming to potential clients and they’re even rude to you, how will they act at the negotiation table?

They don’t know your neighborhood well. Your real estate agent should be well-versed on your town and neighborhood. When it comes to buying a home, it’s important to find a candid agent who can tell you everything about schooling, crime rate, landmarks—even the prices of other homes for sale in the area.

They don’t give you a sense of comfort. It’s been a few weeks, but you don’t feel compatible with your agent. Maybe you’re not comfortable discussing your finances or current living situation with them. Stick with one who puts you at ease and alleviates the stress of buying and selling a home as much as possible.

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