Every family wants to cut costs – especially if they are living on one income. Maybe a member of your household is changing jobs, or going back to school, or staying home to take care of younger children or older parents. The reasons don’t really matter. What matters is spending your money smarter so you have more of it.

And that’s why you’ll want to download this free guide:

Ways to save on everyday expenses

It’s filled with smart and savvy ways to save money on utilities, as well as a range of other expenses. To give you a taste, check out these household budgeting tips!

1. Save $100 per year on your energy bill.

What sits around your house doing nothing but costing you money? Those cherished electronics that are plugged in but not being used. Appliances and gadgets on idle mode are still drawing power. The average American can save $100 a year on utilities by unplugging TVs, microwaves, and any other electronics when they aren’t being charged or in use.

2. Save $2,275 per year by preserving your food.

The total cost of food the average American family throws out instead of eating each year is nearly $2,300. If you want to cut costs, your grocery bill is a great place to start. Stay home and finish those leftovers instead of going out to eat.

When you are putting leftovers away, put some of them into individual containers your family can grab for their lunch the next day. Bringing your lunch instead of buying it is another great way to save money. How much can you save this way? Download the PDF and find out!

3. Keep your tires filled to get up to 3% better gas mileage.

There’s no special trick to this tip. You just need to keep your tires properly inflated which helps keep your car running efficiently. Three percent may not sound like a big number, but the savings can really add up depending on how much you drive and how many gallons of gas you buy. Plus, properly inflated tires last longer, which means you can save on auto maintenance by buying new tires less often.

We’ve got 7 more cost-cutting ideas in our free tip sheet, so download the guide now!

Save on everyday expenses

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